Glenn Lee

Telemark skiing is an escape: an escape from the ordinary world of alpine skiing. It is my pathway to the mountains,  a stairway winding upwards which deposits me at the top of a snowy backcountry ridge of untracked powder that awaits my signature. Telemark skiing to me is about versatility; having tools at your disposal to adapt to different,  and frequently challenging,  conditions.

I am an analytical person. My teaching style is based on a skills based model, where I am able to take a student, and make them a more competent and more confident skier. The skier with the biggest grin wins!

  • CANSI Telemark Instructor Level III
  • CANSI Telemark Coach Entry Level – Trained
  • CANSI Telemark Course Conductor Level III
  • CSIA Instructor Level II
  • CSCF Entry Level Coach – Certified
  • CANSI National Technical Committee
  • CANSI Ontario Telemark Director

Mobile Telemark Ski School