M-J Mann

“Hi, I am M.J. your ski instructor.” – These words have enabled me to deliver many wonderful hours of fun experiences and challenges with kids to adults. Skiing has always played an integral role in my life and that of my family! I began my instructional career at 16 with the CSIA followed by obtaining other certifications over the years. This has provided me with the capability to professionally instruct as a teenager, young adult, mother and now grandmother on many slopes throughout Ontario. Upon moving to London, Ontario in 2008, I have also had the great privilege of instructing Sit Ski for Track 3. My passion for on-snow/slope play has given me much joy, fun, purpose and life direction.

There are so many ways to Go Downhill On Snow! Be it, via Telemark, Alpine, Sit Ski, Snowboard, Snow Blades, and even on card board boxes! Sounds simple – just let gravity do the work. The purpose of skiing – moving down hill, but oh how deceptive it can be! Our Quest for that perfectly balanced, effortless turn can be Ohhh so challenging and Ohhh so worth it! One minute you have it and the next you don’t! For me, no matter what the equipment, it is the exhilarating feeling of finesse and control Going Down Hill. Moving to Telemark skiing in 2014 after a lifetime of Alpine technique has freed me and renewed my appreciation and joy for Going Downhill. Come join me – can’t wait to meet you!!!

  • CANSI Telemark Level I
  • CADS I (inactive)
  • TSSA Safety Award 2011
  • CSIA Award of Merit 2011

Mobile Telemark Ski School