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We are so very looking forward to free-heeling and being back out on the snow, carving turns for the 2021-22 season! The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a great winter!!!

We have requested Warm-up Day to be held on Sat. December 4th with a back-up Sat. December 11th at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone Resort. 

For the 2022 season, we hope to continue our Free-Heel Fridays at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone Resort.  As for Earl Bales Ski & Snowboard Centre on Wednesday evenings, we have not heard any news to date if they plan to re-open but we will advise you as soon as we know!

We are looking forward to resuming regular Instruction & Equipment Rentals for 2021-22. All our CANSI certified instructors will be double vaxxed for your safety. See you at the Warm-Up Day on December 4th!

Til December, be well, keep safe!!!!

Yours on snow –

Holly & Steve

Ski Telemark conducts 1 hour lessons with rentals in Toronto and at a variety of Ski Clubs in Southern Ontario for all skill levels: novice to advanced, children to adults.

Clinics are available in three formats:

Please see our Calendar for locations and dates (December to March).

Continue to help us with our “Legacy” mini-project. Send us your picture – past and present – we will post them together on our Legacy page: https://skitelemark.ca/legacy-then-now/. Take a look.

Hear Holly talk about the beginnings of Ski Telemark on Josh Madsen’s Freeheel Life Podcast (2021-02-15).

Free-Heel Fridays

The 2021 season unfortunately closes for Ski Telemark as Mt. St. Louis Moonstone is closed tomorrow, March 26th

The three FREE-HEEL Fridays we did get were magical. Being on snow was dreamy and uplifting! 

We extend our special thanks to Robert & Sarah Huter, Andre Huter & Jim Morris of Mt. St. Louis Moonstone Resort for the MOST AWESOME of EXPERIENCES!!!

Please join us for Free-Heel Fridays at Mount St. Louis Moonstone commencing March 5th. Please remember to pre-purchase your lift ticket. Covid Protocols are in effect.

The following video shows the Covid-19 Protocols in place at MSLM in December 2020.

A Fellow Free-Heeler took action, created this video clip to bring awareness and attention to the HUGE investment and efforts taken to protect and serve the snowsport public to keep us out on snow!!!

Warmup Day 2020 – update

A Big Shout Out to MT. ST. LOUIS MOONSTONE for all their support with hosting SKI TELEMARK’s 37th Annual Warm-Up Day! Beautiful conditions with newly falling snow! Also, special thanks to our clients who persisted in filling out all forms and acquiring their lift tickets online, very grateful for your patience and efforts! And, lastly to our instructors who helped carry the Spirit of Free-Heel to start the 2021 season!