Elizabeth Nicholson

I was fortunate to have a good friend and fellow instructor introduce me to the wonderful world of telemark in 2012. Special thanks Barry! As an experienced alpine skier, it was both easy to pick up and yet difficult to master. The challenge of free-heeling added an exciting new element to on-slope fun. Telemark has taught me so much about subtle changes in balance, adaptability and the necessity for continuous movement.

Teaching skiing offers an amazing experience for both the client and instructor. For the client such instruction provides the opportunity to gain new motor skills, enhanced confidence and overall improvement in technique short and long term. Teaching offers interaction with a variety of skiers at different stages of progression and ultimately helps the instructor derive a better understanding of skiing and mechanics involved. No matter what, it’s all about enjoying the outdoors and having fun on the slopes!

My teaching career in alpine began as a teenager when I obtained my CSIA Level I. After many years of ski instruction and courses, I’m now certified CSIA Level III working towards my Level IV. From tele, I have gained a much deeper understanding of the subtle refinements within ski technique that is applicable to both free-heel and alpine. Last winter, I accomplished my CANSI Level II and plan to bring this knowledge and skill to all whom engage me in a lesson!

  • CANSI Telemark Level II
  • CSIA Level III

Mobile Telemark Ski School