Joseph Ferri

During my early teenage years I was introduced to alpine skiing by my uncle. What he lacked in providing instruction was more than made up by his passion for the sport. I was further propelled downhill when I married into an avid skiing family. A few years ago I read Paul Parker’s book Free-Heel Skiing: Telemark and Parallel Techniques. What struck me about this book (also known as the telemark bible) was his passion for both forms of skiing. I decided to give this telemark skiing a try and my alpine gear has been gathering dust ever since.

My skiing has been most influenced by those people who have a love for the sport. Working with all the instructors of Ski Telemark imparts to me even more passion for the sport.

I hope I can pass on my passion for telemark skiing to everyone I have the opportunity to ski with.

  • CANSI Telemark Instructor Level III
  • CANSI Ontario Finance Director

Mobile Telemark Ski School