John Adams

Hi, I’m Johnny Adams! I’m a crazy guy, mountain bike all terrain include picnic tables, ride like the devil and free-heel so that I actually can break a plastic boot in half! I like to go fast and chase the gates! Started as a van jockey for Ski Tele at Earl Bales in TO – Wednesday Evening Free-Heel program with Mr. Kahn! In return for helping out with clients and rentals, I was allowed to play around on a pair of tele skis and gained formidable instruction from the gang! I had never skied before but now I’m completely hooked and a derelict in snow!

My quest is to introduce all those new and experienced skiers to the fun, wild side of free-heeling! The rewards are great, it’s a whole new world, always rewarding to see the look on my client’s face when they link their first turns! Will try to catch you on the slopes!

  • CANSI Telemark Level II

John Adams - fast feet - Feb 21 2016-giphy-2



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