Keith Woods

Throughout my life, I have always been captivated by nature and actively engaged in the great outdoors. My life-long relationship with skiing, mostly Nordic,  and then Alpine is a family priority.

Twelve years ago, I watched in awe as two skilled telemark skiers gracefully descended a large mogul field. So struck, I purchased equipment and was later encouraged by Holly and Steve to undertake the CANSI Telemark Level I instructor evening course at Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Centre. Now, I’m fortunate to be employed by Ski Telemark and dedicated to skiing tele!

I’m motivated to constantly improve my skill level and technique. One of the best methods I have discovered is practising yoga. Yoga’s focus on breathing and flexibility building exercises really aids my skiing technique. A developed imagination also assists with visualizing one’s ski technique and helps with internalizing new skills. When instructing, I utilize these skills to assist our students to gain confidence and precision. Although, I’m new to instructing telemark, I bring enthusiasm, personal practice, and professional training in physical activities to ensure a fun and positive learning environment. My personal motto is “Miles and Smiles”. O’ ya, I do tend to ski with a big stick called a “lurk” when I am free skiing, come give it a whirl!

  • CANSI Telemark Instructor Level I
  • CSCF Entry Level Trained
  • Director Telemark Ski Ontario

Mobile Telemark Ski School