Mark Kinoshita

Like many alpine skiers in Southern Ontario I became bored. It was Holly who introduced me to Telemark skiing in the 1980’s and encouraged me to race, then to teach.

Initially, I enjoyed the freedom and the challenge of the telemark turn – and my leather telemark boots were so comfortable. But, I soon realized that my alpine skiing was improving; then I realized that anything I could do on alpine skis, I could do on telemark skis — so I switched.

25 years later, I now enjoy carving fast short radius turns instead of the speed of the race course. If I can find some moguls or some other interesting terrain, you will find me there. I wish I could go tour in the powder out west – but that’s for my retirement…

Telemark is such a graceful way of skiing; it is much more dynamic than alpine skiing. I am continually striving for the rhythm of the telemark turn: the ebb and flow, pressing and releasing (inhale and exhale? – remember to breathe!) – it is this continual motion which makes it graceful.

Like my learning and skiing style, I try to challenge skiers to evolve and adapt while developing a grace and rhythm to their skiing.

  • CANSI Telemark Instructor Level III
  • CANSI Course Conductor Level I
  • CANSI Telemark Coach 
  • CSCF Coach Entry Level
  • former member National Telemark Ski Team (1995-1996)
  • Past President Telemark Canada (Telemark Ski Canada Telemark) ’95-’96
  • Coach (former)- Telemark Ski Ontario



Telemark Skiing at Earl Bales – video by Tomoki Onishi


Tele Moguls


Mobile Telemark Ski School