Rob Henderson

I was introduced to telemarking as part of cross country skiing in 1977 from Mike Exal,   one of Ontario’s “Mr. Cross Country”. In those days specialized equipment meant,  if you were lucky, that your cross country skis had metal edges. During the early 80’s, I became active in CANSI and was involved in the very first certification course at Sunshine Village in 1984… ankle high leather boots with metal edged cross country skis. It was “controlled falling”, with grace of course, anytime you tried to take on the steep pitches.

Since those early days I’ve been dedicated to “controlled falling”, having had the opportunity to tele-ski many of the resorts in Canada and parts of Europe. I have also been blessed to have met many great people through my time conducting the telemark courses in Canada. This sport just seems to attract people with character.

After being away from telemark teaching for 7 years doing my “corporate thing”, I am very happy to join the Ski Telemark team and once again share with people my love of sliding on snow.

Mobile Telemark Ski School