Ski Telemark’s November 2013 Pre-Season Events:

MEC Snowfest – Toronto, Barrie, Burlington; SOJOURN Evening

2012 Pre-Season Events:

MEC Snowfest – Toronto, Barrie, Burlington; SOJOURN Evening

The best event yet, ‘Free Heel Fun & Technique’ brought out a wonderful mix of free heel supporters with great discussion following Rob Henderson’s presentation! A technical challenge was thrown out to all for the development in their personal free heeling and new support is forthcoming from several resorts for the sport! Special thanks to Sojourn, ST instructors and TSO!

Great turn-out last Saturday @ MEC Snowfest, Keith and Johnny were lurking in newcomers with Keith’s lurk into the sport!

‘FREE-HEEL GEAR-UP’ @ Soujourn in Barrie in 2011

Sojourn Event Poster

  • A real BUZZ dominated SOJOURN’s ‘FREE-HEEL GEAR-UP’ on Thursday evening November 10th! Folks from far and wide tried on and talked shop with Black Diamond, Scarpa and Rossignol representatives, SOJOURN’s staff and Ski Telemark’s team! Special thanks to all for a great evening and a dash of snow!
  • MEC Snowfest held @ Toronto store was a big success! Fine weather brought many folk downtown to shop and talk! Ski Telemark’s booth managed by instructors Keith and David shared their enthusiasm and knowledge with many! Thank you to MEC Toronto!
  • Glenn and David were fantastic and a great help in making Snowfest a success. It’s really great to be associated with people such as Ski Telemark whom are passionate about helping people enjoy the outdoors. Our staff were ecstatic about having your group present and are looking forward to skiing with you. Thanks for all your help in promoting the event. We will see you at Telemark Warm-up!
    Sasha Skoropad
    MEC Snowfest Coordinator – Burlington

    Ski Telemark, instructor staff and friends have recently donated relief funds to Outdoor Gientai. Outdoor Gientai is an outdoor industry based initiative to help people who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tohoku area on March 11. We express sincere thank you to all for their support!

FREE HEEL STYLE – Thursday, December 2, 6-9:00 pm.

Bryan Spiegel gave a great ‘Free Heel Style’ talk and demonstration of the new step-in NTN boot/binding system @ SOJOURN’s Icebreaker event! Everyone tried on the new system, Ski Telemark hopes to have a rental demo available this winter so please ask!
WOW, a fabulous day enjoyed by all 60 + free-heelers at ST WARM-UP DAY @ Mt. St. Louis Moonstone Resort! Dreamy soft snow and mild temperatures made the day ideal for getting back in the groove! Free Heel Mojo was the name of the game, special thanks to retailer sponsors: Little Ed’s Skis & Bikes, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Sojourn and White Squall – you gave us all a big smile!

In 2009 we hosted…

  • TELEMARK MADNESS – a Telemark Adventure Evening on Thursday, December 3 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM with Sojourn
    – Featuring David Kilbourn, telemark aficionado, learn about the WOW’s and WHERE’s to churn those turns!
    – Also, guru Glenn Lee’s preparation for MOUNTAIN MADNESS! and Holly Blefgen’s local yodel!
    – Free of charge, only your energy required!
  • Ski Telemark Warm Up Day – Saturday, December 12th

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Ski Telemark Open House
It was great to see our old and new telemark friends and family. The weather was wet, but perfect for a hike.

Stay tuned!

Mobile Telemark Ski School