Legacy: Then & NOW

Send us a picture of you on your skinny skis and leathers (or whatever gear you started on) with another picture of you on your modern gear and we’ll post them side by side.

Katie on Why I Love Tele…


I remember first seeing that amazing smile of yours outside the Caledon main lodge as I telemarked on my Bonna 220 cross country skis with beautiful Lignin edges!

That was 30 years years ago. That day we started a fast friendship and a new pair of skis for me. These skis had quick release bindings, ski brakes and metal edges!!!! (left) 

You and Steve guided me to a whole different world that day and have continued to keep me up to date about the latest and greatest in the TELE world. I am more excited today after you told me about the new step in bindings!

As I approach my 70th birthday, my skiing journey will continue to evolve and improve because of SKI TELEMARK!

Congratulations on 40 years of dedicated service to the free healing world!!

All the best, John.

In fond memory of Dr. Blair Ferguson, his wife Ann and Blair were free-heel spirits and loved the freedom of the heel!  Their free-heel adventures from Mansfield Ski Club took them on many amazing journeys into the backcountry where they truly enjoyed the beauty of the turn!!!

May their love for the sport inspire others to find this magic – our deepest gratitude to you both, Blair & Ann

– Holly & Steve, Ski Telemark Ltd.

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