BOUTIQUE WORKSHOPS – These programs introduce you to more specialized technique and enhance your on-snow performance, confidence and capabilities off-piste, in trees, steeps, moguls to produce a full carve in both telemark and alpine!!!  Rally a friend(s) and come join us for a special day on snow!

All one day workshops offer five instructional hours (9:00 am-3:00 pm with a 1 hour break) and will be tailored based on your skill set, specific interests and snow conditions.  Workshops operate with a minimum 2 to maximum 6 participants per instructor.  Please bring a power packed lunch and snacks!

Our 2023 Workshops:

Survival on the Steeps – Sunday, February 19, 2023 @ Georgian Peaks Club with Mark Kinoshita: MarkAn introduction to techniques and strategies to control your speed & trajectory to capably ski steep terrain with confidence. We start on designated blue runs and progress to black and double black diamonds as per each skier’s comfort and ability. Skiers should be comfortable with a little bit of speed and shorter radius turns.

For Free-Heel Chicks –  Sunday, February 26, 2023 @ Devil’s Glen with Holly:  HollyLet’s find the spirit of the turn and maximize your efficiencies in the performance of the technique. Focus on improving your personal style so you build confidence and learn to be comfortable in variable conditions, terrain and slope through a series of fun, enjoyable skills, manoeuvres that bring out the best in you! For those who have their own equipment and the desire to dance!

Stay tuned for other Workshop announcements.

In the past we have offered the following workshops and may be able to do so again this year upon special request.

Progress from Intermediate to Advanced –  last offered in 2020 @ Alpine Ski Club with Steve Kahn: SteveFinesse your technique to enable you to progress from an intermediate to advance free-heel skier and capably manage various terrain with turn shape and radius in control. Gain insight and tools that lead you to develop overall as a skier and understand the mechanics to further your potential.

Ski Out of Your Comfort Zone – last offered in 2020 @ Beaver Valley Ski Club with Holly Blefgen:Holly Each of us, as free-heel skiers, have a specific “Comfort Zone” that determines when & where we ski. Whether it be at what speed we ski, the steepness of the terrain we tackle/cruise or the type of snow we are most comfortable in. Comfort Zones are familiar, but such zones can and do restrict our opportunity to adapt and greatly limit skiing opportunities. Come join me for a day of fun-filled activities that will help you build your confidence to expand your “Comfort Zone” and broaden your skiing and ultimately your performance.

Learn to Fully Carve – Telemark & Alpine: last offered in 2020 @ Alpine Ski Club with Sasha Skoropad and/or Steve Kahn:  Sasha Learn how to master both techniques so that you capably and confidently can perform a full carve on snow throughout the arc of the turn of various shapes and size. This day will focus on effectively utilizing your skis full edge from tip to tail and generating power to gain efficiency in your ski performance.

Fast Hands, Fast Feet – last offered in 2020 @ Georgian Peaks Club with Mark Kinoshita: Mark Learn how to improve your bump skiing, turn more effectively through gates or make fast short radius turns by focusing on our hands and pole touch. This session will provide you with a number of tips and tricks to get your skis moving faster and more effective, regardless of the terrain you are skiing. Come join me for a fun, action oriented day that will advance your style and efficiencies.

Boogie Free-Heel Style – last offered in 2019 @ Caledon Ski Club with TBA:Mark For advanced intermediate to advanced. Perhaps one of the most challenging elements of Free-Heel Skiing is Boogying in the Bumps but also the most exhilarating! Come learn to master the art of bump skiing. Whether you are looking for simple survival techniques to approach a mogul field or how to strengthen your rhythm and balance to finesse through a series of bumps with grace and poise, the day will help you become more proficient and confident when confronted with this type of terrain

Backcountry 101 will not be offered in 2023.


RATES:  $155 (incl HST) CAD per person (for 2023)

  • minimum 2  participants
  • $155 + Lift Ticket if required

REGISTRATION: Forms for the selected workshop(s) must be submitted five days in advance to ensure that the workshop proceeds and lift tickets can be arranged, if not a member at the respective club(s). Payment can be made via electronic transfer or personal cheque payable and forwarded in advance to Ski Telemark Ltd..

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