Peter Berry

Wearing lace-up boots and bear-trap bindings I started skiing when a close family friend introduced me as a young child to Beaver Valley. As my skills developed I pursued downhill racing until my mid 20’s, later to be drawn into snowboarding.

As children came along, and weekly ski lessons took over our family’s routine, I began to look at other on-snow adventures!

Introduced to telemark skiing by a friend who encouraged me to give it a try the turn’s challenge took a life of its own! Telemark with its great diversity inspires my love of skiing.

At this point I met Steve and Holly at one of their Ski Telemark events and I became hooked.

For the last 20 years, there has been no looking back. I love the fluidity and rhythm of telemark skiing and find it a great mix between skiing and snowboarding.

To me Telemark skiing is more than a sport as it attracts like-minded individuals, facilitating new friendships and adventures.

Mobile Telemark Ski School